KR Williams is a UK-based fantasy writer. They write fantasy novels that focus on queer protagonists and writes works that promote diversity. They are currently working on multiple serials in the fantasy and genre. Their works are influenced by the fantasy novels they devoured as a child, including Tamora Pierce, Tad Williams, and Terry Pratchett.

    KR always has several projects on the go. This year Freedom’s Pyre and Freedom’s Ascension were finished, both part of the dark fantasy Libertas Series, as well as the contemporary romance The Accidental Prince which can be found as a Premium novel on Tapas.io. The Mortician of Avalon, a cosmic horror romance, will finish before the end of 2019, and two new books – Vee and Freedom’s Trial – are already being posted to Patreon! You can find all KR’s work on Tapas.io, and most of their work on Wattpad.



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    When asked what it felt like to get started on a sequel, I struggled to put it into words. A little bit worrying as a writer!   What I eventually came up with was that writing a sequel is like getting into bed with freshly washed sheets. It's still your bed, and you've made comfortable grooves...
    As you are no doubt aware, I currently work in a serials format with most of my books and host them on Wattpad. In order to keep up to date with all releases, it's best to check back on the days that I post new chapters. Below is my release schedule for the foreseeable future. Mondays: Freedom...
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